„DEMONS“ : Writers Wanted!

Scientific Essays, Non-Fiction Contributions and Factual Case Studies

Submission Guidelines

  1. WHAT ABOUT The entries must relate to or be themed on demons in non-fiction format or a scientific context demons which rule our lives (emotionally, physically, mentally) – or as factual case histories. (Scientific focus: anthropology, ethnology, religious studies, psychology, psychiatry, sociology, islamic studies, buddhism studies,…) Writers and manuscripts wanted as this is a topic of long-termin interest for Intercontinentalia.
  2. HOW LONG The entry should be as brief and concise as possible — maximum of 8000 words (with spaces and references for essays)
  3. PERSONAL INFORMATION Author’s information —location/contact address, phone number, e-mail address, with a short bio of NOT more than 40 words should be included in the submission.
  4. SUBMISSION Submission is free and open to writers from any part of the world.
  5. ORINGAL WORK Entry must be the original work of the author.
  6. RIGHTS Only one entry per person is allowed. Texts must be free of third-party rights – the publisher assumes no liability here. With the submission, the author assures the freedom of rights and grants permission for one-time reprinting. The rights remain with the authors. There is no claim to publication. If excerpts from copyrighted works (including websites), such as photos, illustrations, tables, animations, videos, or text quotations are included in the manuscript, it is the author’s responsibility to obtain permission from the copyright holder (and where required also from recognizable persons in photos) for both the print and online format, unless they can be used without permission under a copyright exception. Please be aware that Vienna Academic Press-Intercontinentalia will not be able to refund any costs that may have been incurred in receiving these permissions. As an alternative, material from other sources should be used.
  7. ADDRESS Entries should be sent to:
  8. SUBJECT Subject of the mail should read “ANTHOLOGY_DEMONS_INTERCONTINENTALIA”
  9. ENTRY Entry and its title must be type-written and sent as an attachment (Word Document) additionally, the text must be sent in the body of the E-Mail. Entry must be written in English Language (US spelling). In case you are not primarily writing in English, please make sure to have your paper reviewed by a native speaker before submitting.
  10. FORMAT: There are no strict formatting requirements, but, please – submit entries formatted as Microsoft Word files (no PDF!) – be as simple and thrifty as possible as concerns the formats of titles, sub-titles and subheadings – avoid subheadings, such as “” or any other sophisticated form of subchapters, subparts etc. – do not set entire pages as boxes, – avoid footnotes (or be at least as thrifty as possible with footnotes), include all citations and annotations in the text proper, – give each table, figure or image a caption, describing accurately what it depicts. Include the caption in the text file, close to the citation, not in the file of the table, figure or image. Photos or drawings with fine shading should be saved as TIFF with a minimum resolution of 300dpi.Picture of human face painted in red and black as an illustration for a scientific nonfiction anthology about demons. writers wanted and manuscripts wanted for this anthology
  11. REFERENCES: As a rule, all the references given in the list of references should be cited in the body of the text (i.e. in the text proper, any appendix, figure legends, or tables). Cite the references in the text following the APA-rules. Write the list of references, including all work published on the internet, at the end of the paper in alphabetic order, following the reference list style of the APA.
  12. LINKS: Please only link to trustworthy websites (e.g., websites of renowned publishers, scientific societies, well-known companies and associations, Springer Nature websites). Please do not link to user-generated content and other “unprofessional” websites, for which it is unlikely that the content has undergone adequate rights checks. If possible, please link to specific subpages or items (images, charts, etc.) in order to reduce possible liability.
  13. DEADLINE Submission Deadline: 8th of December 2023. Late entry/submission will not be accepted. Contact


  • All successful/accepted essays will be published by the Vienna Academic Press-Intercontinentalia.
  • Online promotion of published essays.
  • Authors can purchase discounted copies of the book.
  • Publication in an anthology of the Vienna Academic Press- Intercontinentalia, an established scientific publisher, which is in the process of internationalization. Become part of a worldwide network of scholars in the social sciences and humanities and help shape the global discourse.
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